The Excitement of Not Knowing

How many times during the day do you find you do not know something? Once or
twice? More than that? For me its just about the whole day. Not sure how this
widget works, unsure what this thing does, not clear what that word means. Yet,
for the most part, this is not upsetting to me. At times, yes, it can be
frustrating to fail just because you lack knowledge. But here is the thing, the
silicon lining if you will, it is exciting to find out you do not know
something. Why, because now you have the chance to improve yourself in the
easiest way possible. I am too lazy for the gym, I struggle to keep myself in
working order, and I can barely be bothered to eat some days, but given the
chance to learn something new, I will take it every time. We live in the
glorious future promised to us by scifi books for a generation. I can, with
minimal effort, find the answer to all the questions I think up today. Here is
a brief list so far:

  1. What does imprimatur mean?
  2. What does the error “undefined is not a function” mean?
  3. Does S. C. Rossi Automotive have a website?
  4. What car tires do I need?
  5. What is the difference between mortgage Pre-Qualification and

It took about 10 minutes total to find the answers to all those questions
and at the end I felt like a better person. Did it make me better at my job?
Probably not. Did I gain new insight? I doubt it. Still, totally worth it. I
gained that much more knowledge to apply to future problem domains and I can be
of that much more utility to others. So be not afraid to embrace what you do
not know. It is a chance for self improvement, which is always exciting.

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