AMV: Cats in Bananas

You can watch it here. Submitted to Connecticon 2022 (contest cancelled), and PopCult Anime Con 2022 (not a finalist).

This was a fun one to do. Cats (the movie) enjoyed some well deserved internet infamy at the time of its release so it was fun to revisit those pre-COVID halcyon days. Trailers are especially fun to edit since they tend to be short and relatively straightforward. It is mostly an exercise in finding clips to sync to the audio. I also used all the title and end cards so my job was made even easier. Despite all that this one languished half done for a year or so. I was only motivated to finish it after I came back from Anime Boston 2022. I am glad I did because I am quite happy with how it turned out. That said, I think the Gundam trailer is better.

Director’s Commentary

00:12 – 00:20 I had just watched this video about how one editor used multiple layers to crossfade so I tried that strategy out a few times. I think the effect is good so I will keep this tool in my toolbox going forward.

00:54-00:17 This section is the strongest I feel in the AMV. I love the scream into actor introductions and each banana cat is well suited to their actor. Of the introductions, Ian McKellen is my favorite.

01:17-01:22 This was the hardest section to work with, since it has a character rapping and then getting their hand stuck in a trap. What I have here is fine, but not amazing.

01:25 – 01:46 Things get a little aimless here. I was not sure what should go here so this area feels indistinct and unmemorable.

02:15 As you can see, graphic design is my passion. It took me an hour or two to get just this and I felt that was enough time spent.

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