Seven Years at NetNumber (now Titan.ium owned by Lumine)

The tradition continues as the year passes once again. I feel disinclined to break things out into a numbered list so I am just going to talk about the year in general.

I have completed my seventh year of employment at NetNumber (now called Titan.ium). This has been by far my longest term of employment at a company in my life. We pulled the plug on the office late last year so we have gone fully remote as a company. This is my first time being officially remote (with covid being a period of unofficial remoteness). It is not that different from how it used to be (given I used to only go in once a week), but it is still interesting being fully unmoored from an office. I do kind of prefer it, but I would also prefer a mix of office visits, if only to remember what people look like and have lunch with my friend who works nearby. Not much more to say about work. It exists so I can pursue other works.

I continue to have a reawakening regarding my AMV hobby. This year I am on pace for double digit videos (a first) and while I do think this is an aberration I am producing more videos than I have done at any time before. I have moved to a model where I try to do an hour or so of editing a day. That keeps me focused and limits the burnout, but an hour a day really adds up to a lot of editing time hence the increased video production. Interestingly my creativity has outpaced my creation speed. In the past I struggled for ideas, but I am overwhelmed with concepts as of late.

I started attending a formal anime club this year. It has been a real good way to work through my backlog of titles and has given me a more analytical perspective on some of the titles I have been watching. It is a different kind of viewing when you take notes on what you are observing. We have watched some great shows so far with Summer Time Rendering being my favorite so far.

The gun collecting continues apace. This year has seen a number of good acquisitions with minimal purchases requiring me to reload. That said I do still need to find brass for my Bodeo and sort that out. I have also found a good local gunsmith (finally) so a number of my pieces will be visiting him this year.

Overall, a pretty standard year. I feel pretty locked in on my hobbies, jobs, and extracurriculars. Not much to change or improve on, just sit back and enjoy as it all rolls by.