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Confessions of a Hopeless Egoist

You may have noticed the name of this blog, and perhaps even the domain it
is registered under. Why did I use my own name? I could have named this blog
something more informative, perhaps Grammar Challenged Musings or
Poorly Conceived Ideas. At least then you might have had a better
idea what the content I would be writing about would be. But no, I used my own
name. Is this perhaps merely a dearth of creativity on my end? Did I just run
out of ideas? Not at all. I am just hopeless infatuated with myself. So much so
that I have to name my blog after me. To do anything else would not be in my
nature, despite the pretense I had of using another name*. The phrase for this
is not good, or if you are less charitable, not healthy.

It is not just the use of my name for this blog, here is a quick listing of
some other failures associated with my rampant egoism:

  1. Failure to listen to others.
  2. Preoccupation with my station.
  3. Obsession with status (salary, possessions, intelligence, etc).

I should really read my own blog posts, that
would help. So what am I doing to resolve this.

1. Actually listen to people instead of daydreaming while you wait your turn
to talk. People other than myself have interesting things to say oddly enough
and perhaps I can even learn from them.

2. Never talk about money. The chance to brag and boast is just too great. I
am not even that wealthy, but I just cannot help myself so the best bet is to
eliminate temptation.

3. Never miss a chance to self-deprecate. I like to think this is a daily
chance for me to remind myself of how badly my skill is at some tasks.

4. Speak honestly and openly. If I can just say the truth I can tamper down
some of my outrageous beliefs. This blog is that in practice.

5. Internalize and use often the phrases “I do not know” and “that is my
fault”. The mere act of saying you do not know something or that something you
did was your fault helps, for me at least, accept it.

So with the confession done hopefully I learned something.

* For historical reference here are some blog names I was considering:

  1. Eye On the Clock
  2. Both Eyes on the Clock
  3. The Unobserved Garden
  4. Things Unobserved
  5. Undiscovered Countries

Reading these again, some of them are pretty awful.

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