On The Introduction of the Blog

Welcome to the first blog post of my own little digital journal. I would
like to take some time to talk about myself, lay out the reasoning for writing
this blog, and highlight some topics I would like to cover in the future.

Who is this Guy?

– name: Paul M. Geromini – Born: 11/11/1990 – Education: Primary School, BS
Computer Science UMass Lowell – Residence: Franklin, MA

Why start a blog?

1. I am vain. Look at the name of this site. Committing your thoughts to
some form others can read is an act of vanity, it is showing off. It says one
thing, that I have something so valuable, so important and worthwhile that it
justifies the hardware to show it (the server this blog is on), the electricity
to power the hardware, my money to pay people to maintain the
hardware/electricity, and most importantly, your time to read it. I must have
an incredible sense of self worth to even begin to think such a waste of
resources should be allocated for my ramblings. And yet here we are. The only
explanation is I am so vain that I think others want to know what I have to
say. Hopefully I will be able to justify such an expense.

2. I want to improve my reasoning and communication skills. Did you just
finish reading what I wrote above? It makes sense to me, but I am not sure how
many other people will get it. Either I think my reasoning is so above the
plebeian mind of the readers of this publication that only I can understand it,
or there is something terribly wrong with my ability to convey complex ideas
via words. Regardless the mere act of forcing my self to convert my thoughts to
text should, I hope, improve both my ability to reason through whatever
nonsense dribbles from my brain and my command over the actual mechanics of
writing (spelling, grammar, flow, etc).

3. Owning a domain should improve my technical skills. My job is to make
computers do things and hopefully do them well. The more time I spend trying to
do this the more I realize how much more time I must dedicate to accomplishing
this. By owning a domain I should hopefully be exposed to more unknown
technologies. The more I realized I do not know the more things I can
familiarize myself with.

Why should you read this blog?

Here is the deal, you should not. I am not kidding with you. Look at the
three reasons for starting this blog, do any of them have anything to do with
you? If I could simplify the above a bit more concisely I would say I started a
blog FOR ENTIRELY SELFISH REASONS. I might pass around the
blog link or put it in a signature somewhere, but I can accomplish all the
above regardless of the amount of readers of this blog. I will always have at
least one reader so presumably as long as he is satisfied, mission
accomplished. If however, by some character flaw, you want to keep reading here
are some topics I hope to cover in the future.

– Building a helmet from a paper model This is already mostly done so I will
probably just talk about how badly things went wrong.

– The Paul Philosophy I have opinions on how best to live my life. I will
try and share them.

– Buying a house I want to buy one of these things and I am totally
unprepared for doing so.

– Engineering topics I will take what little I know and try to explain it in

– Video Games/TV/Book Reviews I will try and articulate what exactly I like
or dislike about some form of media.

That is the stuff that interests me. If you want me to write about something
else feel free to write to

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