You can watch it here.

Another Anime Boston, another AMV submission. Building off my last accepted work. This time I decided my best bet at acceptance into the finals was to be on theme. Given the theme was space I used a lot of modern/sci-fi anime for my first multiple source AMV. Specifically I used: - Planetes - Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Moonlight Mile - Space Battleship Yamato 2199 - Royal Space Force: The Wings of HonnĂȘamise - Freedom Project - Bodacious Space Pirates - Magnetic Rose

For the song I used Melody Sheep's Beyond the Horizon which I edited somewhat to remove a section in the middle that was not fit for my purposes. I would recommend giving him/her/it a subscription as they produce a lot of interesting musical content.

I submitted this to Anime Boston 2018 and it was accepted as a finalist in the "Other"category. It won "Best Concept", my first award ever!

Scene Breakdown

00:00 - 00:04: It just cannot be an AMV without a little Legend of the Galactic Heroes love.

00:05: This scene is unremarkable except that I had major difficulty with it in Sony Vegas. Specifically I had issues with Vegas trying to changes its frame rate. It was very frustrating and it would often render in a stuttering manner until I sorted it out.

00:017: I spent a long time trying to find the right clip for this scene. This was the best I could do.

00:18-00:19: I love this shot. It was one of the first clips I used.

00:39-00:40: Not a fan of this shot, but it had to do.

00:55-00:57: These clips are from Royal Space Force and they look gorgeous. This movie never seemed to got the acclaim it deserves both story wise and animation wise. A big miss with modern CG is organic looking shots like these.

01:04-01:23: I went back and forth a lot on this section between trying to actually find clips of Neptune and just showing planets. I think what I have works, but it lacking. I wish I did have some Neptune shots. I also am not so sure that section in the middle that flashes a bunch of planets (01:13-01:16) works. It just seems choppy.

01:32-01:34: This scene is from Freedom Project and it is one of my favorite shots in the series. The framing of the ship flying over the moon to the earth is this AMV in a nutshell.

01:41-01:42: They say you should avoid flappy lips in AMVs, which I agree with, but I made an exception because if it is just the button press it does not make a whole lot of sense.

02:06-02:08: Kind of a boring shot, but I did not have anything else to use.

02:09: This is where I cut about 30 seconds from the song. Have a listen to those seconds here. Its the only part of the song that would be hard to work with since its a very sudden tonal shift and their is some straight unautotuned voice over. I am pretty happy with my cut as it is unnoticeable to me.

02:27: It is really nice how the Yamato blinks out with the beat. That was a happy little coincidence.

02:34-02:36: This little jump of the spaceship with the beat is about the most clever thing I have ever done. I have a long way to go.

02:43: I went back and forth a lot if I was going to stick to just modern ships or show some futuristic designs like this one from Bodacious Space Pirates. In the end I wanted to show both the past and the future so I ran with it starting with this clip. It is also hard to find anime about the space program or even modern spaceflight. Related to that, I so wanted to include some Nadesico somewhere, but it is in 4:3 and would look weird with all the other widescreen clips. I think Nadesico will be my next project.

02:46: I may have overused the main characters from the Freedom Project.

03:35: The close out with the baby going for the star is great in my opinion and I get more Legend of the Galactic Heroes in.


Overall, the final product is acceptable. Given my previous work (like my Saikano AMV and Ran FMV) this piece lacks a fun juxtaposition of violence and upbeat tunes that I think characterizes my work (and my other, in this author's opinion, better second submission which I will write about latter). That said it is good to have an optimistic video every now and then and I cannot say I am unhappy about taking home an award. It is just weird that I won for a video I was probably the least enthused about.