Just like last year I have created another video for Connecticon. This time, instead of an AMV, I made an FMV (fan music video). This translates to using a live action video source instead of an anime one. Go on and give it a gander. It may not have won any awards, but I like it.

I approached this piece differently than my last one. At first I was planning on making a far more simple video than before. The last one was very drama/story focused and I wanted something a little less involved and easier to grok. Something more actiony and less reliant on knowing the story of a particular series. I already knew I wanted to use the song I went with after remembering its use in Metropolis. As far as the video source, I was not quite sure. I knew I needed something with a lot of action, but I did not want to do something very well known (e.g. Attack on Titan or Black Lagoon). I want my videos to not only be entertaining, but also to highlight less known works. That is when I remembered Ran. This is not the most obscure film, but it is not super well known or talked about either. Based on the Shakespeare play, King Lear, it is about a Japanese warlord who divides his kingdom amongst his three sons. Two of the sons betray the father who goes mad, only to be rescued by his third son. It is an engaging film, with vibrant colors, devastating battle scenes, and masterful direction by one of Japan's great filmmakers: Akira Kurosawa.

Initially, I was thinking that just setting the battle scenes to music would make a pretty good action entry. In preparation for making FMV, I printed out a copy of the lyrics and rewatched the film, taking notes and marking time stamps of scenes I wanted to use. As I started to string clips together I naturally progressed to a more story focused video, like my last one. The actions scenes did work well set to the music, but If I had used just those scenes for the whole thing, I would be stretched thin clip-wise. Kurosawa is a skilled director which means he is not one to linger for too long, so there is not a whole lot to work with. That is when I started going for more of a storytelling piece.

+Comments on Particular Scenes+

The cold opening (0:00-0:0:15): I really like the opening. Most AMVs/FMVs do not do that. They just go straight into the music and video. I toyed with making this part SUPER long because I like the idea of people sitting there wondering what is going on, but I did not want people getting too bored. It is a real fantastic scene from the movie and I just had to put it somewhere.

Start of the music (0:16) The dichotomy of the violent murder of the King's entourage and the feel good lyrics of the song is a really dissonant in a good way, IMHO. It sets the tone early on that this is going to be a weird piece of work, with the song and images constantly at odds.

Flashbacks(0:29-0:0:38) I wanted to put more in here, but there is very little time in the song to allow for that. This does an acceptable job of providing some back story, but it was a concern of mine that this would not be enough. It is hard to judge how understandable the story is since the audience is probably unfamiliar with the film, but I am intimately familiar.

King's guard bleeding out(0:55) Again, the song and pictures should be at war with each other. This is a scene I really like which highlights the dichotomy at plan.

King picks flowers(2:41) I love this cut. The King is really happy (in a mad way) in this scene, but it is totally at odds with the scene that came before.

Son comes to king's aid(2:59) It is a bit on the nose, since "Blue" in the context of the song is really about the singer's emotional state and less about the color, but as Bob Ross would say, it is a "happy little accident" that this scene lines up.

Son's death(4:07) This is a tough one since it is not immediately obvious what happened. In the movie all you hear is a gunshot from the distance, context which is lost given all you hear is the music. I left it in since it sets up the next two scenes, but I am not a huge fan of it. This is the real struggle of making these videos: trying to convey meaning with the scenes you have.

King's death(4:10-4:12) A big peccadillo of mine is flapping lips or any speech you cannot hear during an AMV or FMV. Unfortunately there is just no way to cut this scene to avoid that. Yet, if I leave this scene out the funeral procession next scene makes no sense.

That is it. It took about ~10 hours to do with minimal changes after I made a first draft. This was a lot quicker than the last one, but I had a lot less footage to work with and a much stronger theme. I hope you like it. I will try again next year and see if I can get an award this time around.