For your pleasure here.

My sixth AMV, submitted to Anime Boston 2019, ConnetiCon 2019, and PopCult Anime Con 2019, but never accepted to the finals. A far more experimental piece than the other ones I have done. I really liked the idea of poems set to anime and music and it is cool to have a bit of a compilation of them in one video. It is kind of like a very quick anthology film. It was an interesting project to work on as I only had the poems to start with and thus a lot of time was spent finding the correct anime and music to go along with them. Originally, I thought to frame the narrative as if it was one long night, but I ended up carrying on into the morning as I did not have enough "night campfire" footage to work with. Overall, I am very happy with the final work, but, as it the norm, I wish more people liked it.

Director's Notes: 00:00: I like starting AMVs out with no music. I think this technique is underutilized. As an overall note, all the sound effects are from outside anime. Mostly stuff I found on Youtube.

00:19: If you have an eagle eye you can see Rin's smile stay in place, but her head turn. She is talking in this scene which wrecked the vibe. I froze the smile, but I did not bother with trying to move it with the face given how hard that would be, compared to how minor the error is.

00:23: I tried putting the poem's title here first, before the actual poem, but I found I liked them better at the end.

00:26: I watched The Rose of Versailles in preparation for this AMV when I found I needed something set in an aristocratic period. Pretty good anime and very forward thinking in some ways.

1:03: Not a huge fan of this clip, but in every AMV you always have a few seconds where you struggle to find something that works. This clip was ok so I went with it.

1:31: I never found music for this poem that I was thrilled about. I tried several songs. What I ended up with was ok, but nothing special.

02:14: The hard cut at the end of this poem arose out of the need to stop the music and get back to camp site. I tried a couple ways to fade it out, but they all sounded very abrupt so I went with a thematic hard cut showing Lain here. It is a neat nod to the show and probably very confusing to those who have not seen it.

02:33: My favorite of the four poems and the easiest one to do. I love the poem and I love the anime (Legend of the Galactic Heroes) so it only took me a few hours to cut this together and it was basically done after that.

03:28-03:32: I love how the white fade out transitions to the sky back at the campsite.

03:47: There is something very pleasing about that woodpecker in the distance right around here.

04:38: I like how 8man looks at the audience at the end and how Rin a few seconds later waves at us.