For your enjoyment here.

My seventh AMV, submitted to Connecticon 2019 and PopCult Anime Con 2019, but it made the finals at neither. A bit disappointing it never got traction as I had hoped to shine some light on an anime that seems sadly forgotten despite it not being that old. For reference the last AMV I could find using this on Youtube was from 5/2017. It is even worse on (9/2013). That said I did operate under the delusion that it was "Martin" Successor Nadesico for quite some time so, perhaps I needed the refresher. Not my greatest work, but I am pretty happy with the end product.

Director's notes: 00:13: I am pretty fond of Yurika's introduction. I think it establishes her character fairly succinctly.

00:14-00:16: Some unavoidable talking here, but it is hard to see on a first viewing.

00:34: This clip is a little awkward. I wanted to show Akito as a mech pilot and tie it back to him meeting Yurika (you will notice he has the same shirt on), but Akito is doing a fair bit of talking here so I had to freeze his face, but keep the background movement. It works, but he has an odd sort of facial impression because of it.

00:47-00:52: I like the music and visuals here. Good lull in the music with a sharp upswing that I think is well complimented by the clips I selected.

01:09: There is more talking in the background here, but I wanted this clip and it is hard to notice.

01:16: I really like the timing of the horns and the lasers hitting the Nadesico here.

02:17: A similar thing is at play here with the drum and the shoulder turn.

02:41-03:04: This is probably the weakest part of the AMV. I needed to play up the relationship of Akito and Megumi in regards to Yurika, but I had a hard time doing that.

03:13: I love this clip of Yurika struggling in zero-g. This episode had a lot of scenes like this.

03:22: This is an AMV primarily about Yurika, but I really wanted as much Yuri as I could get too.

04:11 Not sure about the ending card here. This is the last scene from the show. It might be a bit much, but I kept it.