Elsie Roth, my grandmother died April 2. You can read the summary of her life here.

It is hard to know someone when they live far away. What with my Grandmother living all her life in Pennsylvania and me in Massachusetts (Mass-a-choo-choo to some), visits were infrequent. They were always an event with her though. A consummate host, meals were lavish affairs. Difficult logistically given the cramped townhouse she lived in, but still quite a production. It is a shame our visits became more frequent only after she moved to a nursing home. It is hard to pinpoint when she actually died. We know when her body died, but this occurred long after her mind. I miss the bright cheer she showed when she saw me. Always present when I was young, but less and less each visit. It is this image I remember, not of a person robed of humanity by loss of memory.

She is gone now and we will not meet again. That is ok though, I need not a physical presence to remember her.