Boston Festival of Indie Games was last weekend. This was my third time going to the festival which has been operating for the same period of time.

There is a very curious dynamic at play at this festival. Generally I am a very reserved individual. If you were in a charitable mood you could use the word taciturn. The point is I rarely talk to people at these things. I am more inclined to see and listen and take in what I can. Except at this convention. I talked to way more people than usual, far in excess of what is normal for me to do. I talked to just about every indie developer there. This is no joke, I went to every table and saw every game in the digital section. I even played most of them. Best of all I got to play this cooperative survival board game (After the Crash):

with this nice fellow:

the game creator. Go check out his site and buy the game when it is available it is awesome. I also played an in development real time restaurant management game. Each player played a role (I was busboy aka plate and glass washer) and helped work customers through an assembly like system. There were many sand timers and much yelling. I can see it being a great party game as it is real quick to learn, but pretty stressful to actually play well. Those two board games stood out the most. In regards to the digital section there were a lot of familiar games, either from past festivals or ones new to the festival that I had heard about prior. Some ones that stood out:

  • Anchorage Adrift: a cooperative space ship game, similar to Artemis, players are tasked with running a particular role on a space ship. A little rough technically and usability wise, but showed great promise.
  • Soda Drinker Pro and Vivian Clark: the first game is a first person soda drinking game which is hilarious. The second game is hidden within Soda Drinker and is weird and strange and has to be played. It is akin to dreaming or hallucinating. You play a rain drop that changes to whatever it touches. Also the developer is a real funny upbeat guy so that is cool too.
  • Adrift: a real polished looking arcade space shooter and tower defense hybrid. It is slick, fun, and a good coop experience. Why it still is not greenlight yet is curious.
  • Talon: a fast quake style spaceship multiplayer shooter. It reminded me of playing Unreal Tournament or other arena shooters.

Best part of all though was I got to throw my business card in one of those raffle bowls. The phone number is wrong on it though so hopefully they just send an email.