Last convention of the year coming up soon so it is time to start considering new projects for next year. I am looking to do two costumes this year:

  1. Vostroyan Firstborn
  2. Anatoray Soldier

Vostroyan Firstborn

A Vostroyan Firstborn is a type of Imperial Guard unit that looks like this:

I have already done two Cadian costumes and while it may be tempting to try and shoot for perfection with the third one I am looking to try something a little different.

Areas I am looking to improve in with this project:

  • Armor quality. The Kasrkin armor (latest project) was a step up from the Cadian Shock Trooper (first project), but there is still some room for improvement here. Specifically I am hoping to achieve a more rigid form for the armor plates. Either I will use the foam method I used the last two times, but this time with a fiberglass mat backing, or I will try some form of cast. Units of this type can have limited armoring (the example photo is probably the high end of the scale) so it will not be too prohibitive to iterate a couple versions.
  • Costume sewing. Seems odd I have ignored this problem set with my past projects. I was able to get away with it before as the actual cloth part of my past projects have been pretty basic (read: able to find good matches online). This unit type however has a far more intricate coat which I think will have to be custom done.
  • The overall costume has a lot more doodads than the Cadian ones which should be a good chance to work improving my poor detail skills
  • The Vostroyan Lasgun show here:

Is more intricate than the last gun I made. Prime chance to take what I learned from the last lasgun construction and make a more detailed/complicated piece. Probably will stick with the medium-density fibreboard I used last time or get something with a bit more prominent wood grain. Also prime chance to practice my paint skills.

Anatoray Soldier Last Exile was one of my first animes and also one of my favorites (correlation?). It follows that I would like to try and pay homage to it by making a costume of one of the faction's soldiers. Here is a good example of one:

Areas I am looking to improve in with this project:

  • Sewing. No way about it the jacket will have to be custom. Hopefully I will be able to find a pattern to work with before I go off script. The actual uniform looks pretty basic so it should be within my skill set as long as I have some guidance.
  • Custom hat. The hat is a bit different than the Cadian helmet as it is mostly cloth, but seems to be a logical progression to work on next.
  • The Anatoray rifle shown here (obscured, but gives a good sense of scale):

represents an interesting challenge. Construction should be relatively straightforward as it has a simple mass produced look to it which is in line with my past projects. The real issue is in transportation. The height alone makes this difficult. The final product will have to come apart somehow so that it is at least manageable to move around. Should be an interesting challenge.

I am looking forward to many months of crushing disappointment pursing this work. Stay tuned to watch me post the results of my crushed dreams.