Too much navel gazing and poorly thought out arguments on this blog recently. The writer is not changing anytime soon, so let us try and lighten the mood.

This happened a couple years ago. Not sure what year exactly, probably 2011. I was at Anime Boston just coming out of the AMV viewing with my sister and the rest of the group. The viewing is in a big warehouse shaped room. Specifically 'Exhibit Hall D' at the Hynes Convention Center. The room has a max capacity of 2837 and was pretty full. As happens in these places when everything is done the exits became clogged as everyone filters out. So I am with the group slowly making progress towards the door. Not much space to be had, a real elbow to elbow situation. We are jostling forward when some guy reaches out from in front of us and hands me business card. I took it on impulse. It looked and said something close to this:

I am usually not one for pithy statements like this, but the act struck me as incredibly nice. Probably why it has stuck with me for so long. It seems odd to give a stranger such a personal compliment. Especially with a face like mine. Wonder if he was just passing them out to everyone or if there was some particular reason why he gave it to me. Maybe I looked gloomy. Maybe he just wanted to get rid of it. I stared at that card for a while walking slowly toward the entrance. Card said to pass it own so I obeyed. Right behind me was a tall striking women. Long dark hair, straight clear face, neutral expression. I remember holding the card in my left held and angling it back behind me to give to her. She took it and looked down never breaking her expression. I turned back up and into the crowd. There was a bit of a break so I moved up and no doubt lost her behind me. I never saw her again, wonder what she thought? Never would have been able to get away with that outside of a convention. Especially since I usually look homeless. Probably why I keep going back, keep hoping for one brief interaction like that.