You can watch it here.

This was my second entry to Connecticon 2018, but it was not accepted. A bit of a different take compared to what I normally pursue, this one focused almost exclusively on a single episode of Girls' Last Tour, a fairly recent anime. The episode I used (episode 6) was my favorite of the series and is a great standalone episode even if you have not seen the series before. For the song I used "Fly Away" by John Denver. I am not a country music fan, but I felt this song matches a lot of the themes I was going for both literally (flying away from some place) and metaphorically (escaping).

Scene Breakdown

00:00 - 00:41: I really like the non-musical opening. It sets the stage of the world well (which may not be familiar to some of the audience) and quickly conveys the journey the girls are on. In general I think silence/non-musical scenes are underutilized in AMVs.

00:47: A bit too quick of a cut here, but there was no other way to get around it since the characters start talking right after and I like to avoid seeing that if I can.

01:08: Good sync up with the lyrics and plane image here.

01:12 - 01:13: It is hard to notice, but there is some lip movement here. I tried to avoid it, but it would mess with the story progression too much if I cut it. It is hard to notice so I felt it was ok to keep in.

02:10: More lips flaps here, but the scene was too critical so I kept it.

02:19 - 02:29: I am not sure I was able to convey that the pilot wanted to escape in these few scenes, but it was the best I could do with the limited options available. On the last scene (02:29) I actually froze the clip as they are talking during it.

03:04: I think the animation in the show is average, but I do like the faces they make from time to time.

03:34: I like the sync between the picture and the song a lot here.

03:58: Continuity error here with the propeller starting in the scene before, but being stationary here. I felt it was ok to leave in as most people would not notice and its not really a big deal.


Overall, I am happy it turned out as well as it did and I very much like how this piece is different in structure than what I normally do. That said, I am pretty bummed it was not accepted as I felt it was a strong overall piece, but I cannot say it was better than the actual finalists so I will just have to do better next year.