You can watch it here.

This piece was my second entry to Anime Boston 2018 and my first entry Connecticon 2018. It was accepted at neither convention. This AMV is pretty normal given my past work and is indicative of my general style: poppy music, oldish anime, ironic lyrics, boarderline extreme violence. I happen to really like Bubblegum Crisis (the original OVAs, less so for anything after) and MC Frontalot (who is featured in this song, Robot Party by Supercommuter) so it was a natural fit to merge both.

Scene Breakdown

00:00 - 00:14: I like this intro a lot. Not a lot of musical cues and it sets the scene well. Perhaps I could have used some background noise, but I think the silence is cool and unusual.

00:37: There is a weird white flash here that probably works better in the anime than it does in this AMV. I thought about removing it, but it seemed best to leave it in so that scene would not become disjointed and look weird.

00:45 - 00:50: This is one of the first bits I put together and it inspired the rest of the AMV.

00:55: I consider this AMV to be mostly about robots tearing up a city, but it can also be seen as a stealth Knight Sabers AMV as they appear in the background from time to time. Some of the Knight Sabers appear in this scene for the first time in the AMV.

01:00: I thought the biker sliding during a spin out was a clever match to the "rotating" lyric.

01:37 - 01:44: Probably the weakest part of the AMV. I wanted to match the lyrics, but there is nothing available that quite did it so I was left with this.

01:48 - 01:50: I had to slow this clip down a bit so it would fill out the lyric, but it looks a bit weird because of it.

01:56: Another Knight Saber appearance.

02:18: I really like how "dance" and the guy flying line up here.

02:23: This is a Knight Saber "sword" here. Nothing else really matched.

02:45 - 02:52 : Pretty obvious Knight Saber scene here which fans of the show should recognize.

03:45: I considered ending with a tv screen turning off, but it it never worked well enough to use.


I spent a lot of time gestating this one and I like it a lot. I am surprised no one else seems to like it, but that seems to be more an indictment of my taste than others'. Overall I am happy how it turned out.